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Lestijärven vapaa-aikatoimi

Visit Lestijärvi

You can check the events in Lestijärvi and in the surrounding municipalities from the event calendar of Kaustisen seutu.


There are events in Lestijärvi though out the year. On this page you can find information on our biggest events and links to the organizers web pages and social media.


Lestiviikko (Lestiweek) is organized annually in the beginning of July. The whole week is filled with exciting events. The program includes: a gathering for Lestijärvi´s summer residents, popular biking around lake Lestijärvi -event and the finale of the week, which is Lestinpäivä (Lestiday). Lestinpäivä has been celebrated at least since 1970 to honor our beloved Lestijärvi.

Lestiviikko annually:




Lestin ympäripyöräily.
Bike race around lake Lestijärvi

Other annual events

In the summer there are events happening all over Lestijärvi. The municipality organizes SUP-boarding and hiking events every summer so everyone has the chance to explore our magnificent nature. Lestijärvi library has art exhibitions from time to time. Lestijärvi´s cultural heritage and history can be further explored in the history section of this page.

Valkeisen suppailu.
SUP-boarding in lake Valkeinen

Midsummer in Lestijärvi

If you want to experience the authentic midsummer, you cannot find a better place to do it than Lestijärvi. Every year the Finns celebrate midsummer at the end of June. Midsummer is the festival of the midnight sun and is often celebrated together with your friends and family. Some spend midsummer partying and others take the time to relax in the sauna and swimming in the lake while the sun light up the surface at night. There is no better place to spend your midsummer than Lestijärvi! You can choose whether to rent a cottage and spend your midsummer barbecuing and relaxing at a cottage or join the local, happy people in the midsummer party in Saluuna Parila, where the live music and dancing continues through out the night!

End of the summer festival

Another bigger event in Lestijärvi is the end of the summer festival, which is celebrated in honor of the end of the cottage season. During the end of the summer festival. we also have a special outdoor market that gathers people to Lestijärvi from all over Finland. The market is called Muikkumarkkinat and there you can taste the exotic vendace fish, which is the most known and popular fish of Lestijärvi. Afterwards, there is live music in the town bar and locals will have firework shows all over town. Come and join!

Syyspäivä museolla tapahtuma.