There are events in Lestijärvi though out the year. On this page you can find information on our biggest events and links to the organizers web pages and social media.

More information on the events organized by the municipality of Lestijärvi, you can find from Lestijärven vapaa-aikatoimi´s Facebook and Instagramista.

You can check the events in Lestijärvi and in the surrounding municipalitys from the event calendar of Kaustisen seutu.

Lestin ympäripyöräily

Rental venues for your own events

Yli-Lestin työväentalo

Yli-Lestin työväentalo can be rented out for your own celebrations. It is a perfect place for birthdays, weddings and plays or band nights as the main room has a big stage for different performances. In the building there is a kitchen and a large main room/ ball room. The venue has the capacity of 200 persons.

Phone: +35806867313


Address: Lestijärventie 994, 69450 Yli-Lesti.

Riistaravintola Pikku Peura

Riistaravintola Pikku Peura is a catering restaurant open by reservation in the heart of Peuran polku nature trail. The restaurant is located right next to the lake Valkeinen and has amazing views, which makes it the perfect location for weddings or other celebrations. The restaurant has the capacity of 100 persons. Riistaravintola Pikku Peura is also operating as the information centre of Metsäpeuranmaa, which is includes the Peuran polku nature trail. The restaurant has a terrace and liquor licence. When booking the restaurant, you can choose to book only the venue or you can include catering to the service as well. The catering is not limited to the venue.

The owner of the restaurant also organizes many events in the restaurant and in the surrounding nature in Valkeinen so be sure to check out the social media!

Contact information

Phone: +358505141001


Address: Kinnulantie 695, 69450 Yli-Lesti



Riistaravintola Pikku Peura


The cute little village in the middle of the forest with its cottages, and saunas is called Korsukylä. It is located by the lake Iso-Ruonanen, which is located on the route of Peuran polku trail. In addition to the cottages, that can be rented out, there is a banquet hall where you can host festivities. The main banquet hall is perfect for hosting conferences, birthdays, bachelor parties or weddings.

In total, there is accommodation for 40 persons in Korsukylä. There is an additional benefit that if you book your accommodation in Korsukylä, you can freely use the boat by the lake. Lake Iso-Ruonanen is filled with fish, so you are bound to have some fisherman´s luck. Fishing in lake Ruonanen requires a permit so remember to buy yours beforehand from the caravan park of Valkeinen. Korsukylä is also reachable by car form the border road of Lestijärvi and Kinnula.

Contact information

Phone: +358405366931


Location: Google Maps


Valkeisjärven leirintäalue

Valkeisjärven leirintäalue has a conference room, which can be used for hosting events with maximum of 20 persons. This is the place to have your business meetings as the conference room also has a sauna and is located right by the lake Valkeinen. You can also order catering according to your request from Valkeinen.

Valkeisjärven leirintäalue

Valkeisen kokoustila