Discoland became one of the county´s most important dance and gig locations in the beginning of the 1970s when Lestijärven Kiisto organization made a decision to renew the musical operations in their Beach Pavilion. The old pavilion was renovated and a new disco building was established beside it to provide quality orchestra and gig operation possibilities with dance halls and restaurant spaces. The building was renamed through a contest as Discoland, which described its young and modern look and renewed program profile.


Musically Discoland served both the friends of schlager and pop music. Within its 60 years of active musical operations it served as a stage for many of Finland´s famous artists: Katri-Helena, Tapani Kansa, Erkki Junkkarinen, Juice Leskinen, Armi ja Danny, Paula Koivuniemi, Matti ja Teppo, Hurriganes, Dingo, HIM sekä Eppu Normaali. In addition there were many international artists playing in Discoland. During the most successful nights the music was playing in both the new and the old dance hall.


Discoland was known for decades as one of the hottest party scenes, where especially the young gathered to dance and celebrate even from a longer distance. During the golden age of dance halls in 1970-1990 the events generally attracted 1200-1300 visitors. The record was made in 1994 when Kummeli performed in Discoland and received 3000 visitors.

Pastime organizer of the year

In 1991 Lestijärven Kiisto organization was rewarded as the “pastime organizer of the year”, which indicates Discoland´s importance and variety as an amusement spot, where artists gladly came to play in and visitors happily arrived for their celebrations.

In the 2000 the dance scene started to slowly fade and the building was demolised in 2018.