Arriving to Lestijärvi

Public transport

You can now travel to Lestijärvi by using public transport. We recommend arriving by train Kannus or Kokkola, from where you can continue your journey to Lestijärvi by bus. You can check the bus schedules from buses are connected to the school´s opening hours so they are only available on weekdays excluding holidays.

If you are arriving to Lestijärvi on the weekend, we suggest you arrive to Kokkola with the train or by flying to Kokkola-Pietarsaari airport and hire a rental car to reach Lestijärvi. The easiest way to reach Lestijärvi is by road 58 with a car.

Rental car services in Kokkola

Taxis Lestijärvi

  • Taxi Similä Sakari
    040-504 0304
    Taxi 1+4, bus 1+23, recervations
  • Taksi Jaakko Mattila
    0400-365 631

Train stations and airport

The nearest train station is located in Haapajärvi, which is around 42km away. The second nearest is in Kannus from where you can take a bus to Lestijärvi. The distance from Kannus train station to Lestijärvi is 60km. You can also arrive to Kokkola and continue with a bus or a rental car. Check the train schedules from

The shortest way to reach Lestijärvi when coming from abroad is to catch a flight to Kokkola-Pietarsaari airport.  From the airport you can rent a car or catch bus from the bus station in the city center. Search flights to Kokkola from