Rental Cottages

There are plenty of cottages for rent in Lestijärvi of which most are located by the lake Lestijärvi or the smaller wilderness lakes. The sizes of the cottages vary between 2-12 person cottages, so there are plenty of options. You can find the list of companies offering cottage and villa accommodation services from below.

The accommodation services of Lestijärvi can be found from, where you can also find hiking routes, attractions and other things to do around Lestijärvi.

Pietilän lomatalot.

Pietilän lomatalot 

Pietilän lomatalot offers 4 options for accommodation: Lehtokielo, Metsätähti, Eräloitsu and Lampinmökki, which are all located in beautiful spots by the lake. The smallest cottage, Lehtokielo, can accommodate 2 persons. Metsätähti and Eräloitsu are both 6-person cottages so you can bring your family and friends. The charming, 6-person cottage, Lampin mökki, is located in the heart of wilderness and is perfect for nature lovers as there is also an outdoor fireplace in the yard, next to the lake.

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Phone: 0400 830 995



Cottage Valkeinen.

Valkeisjärven leirintäalue 

Valkeisjärven leirintäalue has all types of accommodation you could possibly think of. There are many different sizes of cottages by the lake Valkeinen, lake Ruonanen and lake Kivijärvi. The sizes vary from gorgeous 12 person villas to small and sweet fisherman´s cabins, that can accommodate 4 persons. In Valkeinen, there are endless possibilities for activities since you can go minigolfing or frisbee golfing as well as hiking in the Peuran Polku nature trails or go fishing by the lake.

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Phone: 0405366931

Website: valkeisjarvenleirintaalue

Korsukylä accommodation.


Korsukylä can also be rented out from Valkeisjärven leirintäalue. In Korsukylä, there is room for 40 persons to spend the night and the main building is perfect for birthdays and weddings. The whole village can be rented out for celebrations and in addition to the large accommodation capacity, there is a sauna by the beach of lake Ruonanen. The Peuran Polku nature trail also goes past, and you can walk 3 kilometres from Valkeinen to Korsukylä if you like.

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Phone: 040-536 6931 


Korpihakkion lomatalot 

Korpihakkio is renting out three, newly built and modern cottages. These eight person cottages are also the environment-friendly choice as geothermal heating is being used in the cottages. The cottages are located by the lake Lestijärvi and therefore offer many activities for the visitors.

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Phone: 0400 366042 


LuoMat cottage.

T:mi LuoMat

Lestipuu Oy is renting out two cottage from the beach of lake Lestijärvi. The other cottage can accommodate 6+4 persons. The other cottage (in the picture) can accommodate 2-4 persons. Both of the cottages are certified by the MALO-grading system and are located by the lake Lestijärvi.

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Phone: 040-5060 340

Salon erä- ja luontomatkailu 

All the 4 rentable cottages are located in the middle of nature and therefore provide the best opportunities for hunting and other nature activities. The cottage sizes vary between 4-10, so there are options for all-sized groups. Salon erä- ja luontomatkailu also provides hunting trips, training for hunting dogs with pheasants and quad biking in the forest.

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Phone: 050 303 3730




Karhunpiilo is located by the route of Peuran Polku nature trail, by the lake Lehtosenjärvi. The cosy Karhunpiilo cottage is perfectly suited for all kinds of nature activities such as a stopover between the hikes, or for fishing or hunting trips. The main building of Karhunpiilo can accommodate 5 persons and in addition to that, 2 persons can sleep in the separate sauna building. There is also a boat that can be used for example for fishing during your stay.

Contact information

Phone: 0440 638363


Pikku-Kannus cottage.

Leisure apartment Pikku-Kannus 

The modern leisure apartment is pure luxury with its views across the lake and with the rentable hot tub on the terrace. There are also other amenities for those who rent the apartment. In addition to the beach sauna, grill and the boat, you will have the stand-up paddleboards in your free use for the whole stay.

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Phone: 0405801252 


Purokangas cottage.

Purokankaan mökki- ja maatilaloma

Mustalahti cottage and it´s atmospheric sauna serves as a cosy holiday destination around the year. The cottage is located by the lakeLestijärvi so there are plenty of nature activities available around the cottage.

The cottage is located by the biggest lake of Central Ostrobothnia and surrounded by vast Finnish forests, which offer many activities for your holiday. The sandy beach at the cottage is shallow, so it is safe for swimming even for the children. The rowing boat is also included in the cottage price, so you can spend the day fishing, sunbathing, and exploring the lake. During the winter, you can go ice fishing on the frozen lake, straight from the cottage or go skiing or ice skating on the ice. There is also a grill hut and a sauna at your free use.

The view opens to the lake from the balcony and kitchen of the cottage so you can start your mornings by looking at the relaxing lake view. During the summer you will get to experience the authentic midnight sun and enjoy the peace of the nature.

The cottage has room for 8 persons and the prices start from 120/night. The closest shop, which is located in the town centre of Lestijärvi, is about 14 kilometres from the cottage.

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Phone: +358 500 168 069 or  +358 505 615 722


Villa Itäniemi

Do you enjoy peace and quiet, sauna, ice swimming, skiing, reading, ice fishing, romance or just relaxing in nature? Villa Itäniemi is the place to enjoy all that and more. During the “blue moments” of darkening winter and the thick snow, Villa Itäniemi provides entertainment and relaxation. Hop into the hot tub to warm up after a long ski trip on the icy lake.

Villa Itäniemi has 2 bedrooms, kitchen with a lake view, bathroom, toilet and a traditional Finnish sauna with a view. Outside, there is a terrace, outdoor kitchen with a grill, fireplace, porch swing and a hot tub. The sandy beach is suitable for both adults and children to swim. The boat is also at your free use when renting the Villa Itäniemi. Come and enjoy!

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Phone: +358 504 839 454


Facebook: Villaitaniemi

Instagram: @villaitaniemi

Huvila Lestijärven keskustan tuntumassa

This villa is located right next to the town centre of Lestijärvi. Despite the central location, the villa has its own peaceful spot by the lake, where you can enjoy the comfort of your own beach. Around the villa, the opportunities for various nature activities are one of a kind! During the winter, the ski track starts from right outside the villa and a trip to the lake for ice fishing does not take long either. During the non-snow season, the villa offers a base camp for berry and mushroom picking as well as for exploring the lake with a boat, that comes with the rental of the villa.

The villa provides a stay for 8 persons in total and during the summer, the beach sauna has an extra bed for two. There are two saunas in the cottage, one electric sauna inside the villa and a wooden sauna by the beach. The beach is shallow, and the bottom is sandy, so even the children can swim safely.

The services in the town centre of Lestijärvi are only 1 kilometre walk from the villa.

Contact information

Phone: +358 405 129 782


Holiday apartment Tuikka.


A cosy summerhouse by the lake Lestijärvi offers accommodation for 2-6 persons. The peaceful location guarantees a relaxing holiday. This well-equipped summerhouse is perfect for remote workers as it has free Wi-Fi and amazing views to the lake, which will help concentrate on the work. Outside, there is a fireplace for grilling and a rowboat for exploring the lake.

Contact information

Phone: +358408278377



Hiekkaranta cottage.


The atmospheric 4-person cottage is located in Kuivaniemi, right by the beach of lake Lestijärvi. The cottage is surrounded by nature and forest and from the yard, you can find a barbeque hut and a boat that is in free use for everyone renting the cottage.

Contact information

Phone: +358 400 188 394