Kuntalaisten iltasumpit museolla.

Evening coffee with the municipality!

Evening coffee with the municipality was organized at the local museum 17.6.2021. Evening coffee with the municipality is a open conversation hour for everyone living or spending time in the municipality. The quests are free to ask questions and make suggestions to the municipality´s office holders and workers. The municipality has a had a change of staff within the past couple of years and Lestijärvi is also receiving a new municipal director this summer. The new office holders were there to introduce themselves to the locals and visitors and discuss current topics and ideas for the development of Lestijärvi. The evening coffee with the municipality will be organized again to give the locals and summer residents a change to participate in the development of the municipality of Lestijärvi.

  • Anne Kurkela – Lestijärvi municipal director starting from 1.7.2021
  • Susanna Tuikka – administrative director 2020
  • Janne Pekkarinen – technical director 2021
  • Mirva Vilppola – environmental secretary 2020
  • Niko Aihio – education director/principal 2021
  • Niina Tiala – leisure time councelor 2009
  • Ronja Tuikka – tourism/Visit Lestijärvi 2020