Bird watching tower of Iso-Valvatti

The bird watching tower of Iso-Valvatti is overlooking the old, dried up lake of Iso-Valvatti. The dried up, swampy lake provides the perfect living environment for various species of birds and animals and therefore is a good place for nature photography and animal watching. The scenery from the tower is spectacular and it is a nice place to stop for a coffee break on your hike. By combining the bird tower to Vähä-Valvatti and the Cottage, it makes a nice day trip, that is about 4 kilometres long. The bird watching tower is located on Perho´s side of the border but none the less, it is a popular nature destination among the people of Lestijärvi.


The bird watching tower can be reached the same way as Vähä-Valvatti by car. From the parking spot, the nature trail goes straight and then divides into two. Vähä-Valvatti goes to the right and the bird watching tower to the left.

Iso-Valvatin lintutorni