You can walk the trail from Valkeinen to lake Jatkonjärvi, when the length of the route is about 6 kilometres. Lake Jatkonjärvi is a magnificent wilderness lake that will charm anyone who visits it. There is also a newly built lean-to shelter by the lake where you can have a break between hikes and a fireplace for cooking. There is also a firewood shed and toilet facilities. This trail passes by big rock formations and other lakes before arriving to Jatkonjärvi. The gorgeous scenery on the way and the great stopping point waiting at the end make the hike worth of the effort.


It´s possible to hike from Valkeinen to Jatkonjärvi, which is about 6 kilometres long route or you can drive closer to Jatkonjärvi if you wish to make a shorter trip. If you prefer to drive, you can drive forwards on the border road of Lestijärvi and Kinnula until the sign points to Porraslammintie which turns right. Drive until you reach the path that leads to Jatkonjärvi. You can see the starting point of the path in Google Maps link below.