Lehtosenjärvi is a charming wilderness lake by the Peuran polku trail. The high-quality hut and the well-maintained nature trails of Lehtosenjärvi are suitable for both a day trip and a longer hike as Lehtosenjärvi is part of Hirvaankierros, which is a 58km long circle trail connected to Peuran polku trail. On the route, you can explore old forests and swamps and admire the lake views.

Lehtosenjärvi is a part of the 115 kilometres long nature trail network of Peuran Polku and is therefore easy to hike and reachable from multiple destinations. You can make your own route by combining the different spots along the well-marked Peuran polku trail or go for a day trip. The easiest way to get to Lehtosenjärvi from Lestijärvi, is to drive the border road of Lestijärvi and Kinnula until you get to the parking spot of Lehtosenjärvi. You can also find the map of the Peuran polku trail from the parking spot.

While hiking, you can see amazing views including old spruce forests, swamp views and the lake itself as well as some rock formations that are a proof that the area used to be in the bottom of the sea. Next to the trail you can find countless berries like blueberries, cloudberries and lingonberries, and also many species of mushrooms you can pick freely with the everymans right.

The hut of Lehtosenjärvi is well-equipped and very spacious. The hut has a pot for making coffee and you can dry your clothes on the washing line if they got wet during the hike. There is also an outdoor toilet and a fire shed by the hut.


Lehtosenjärvi is reachable from the border road of Lestijärvi and Kinnula. Drive along the road until you reach the parking spot of Lehtosenjärvi, which can be recognized from the Peuran polku map.