Vähä-Valvatti is a small wilderness lake on the route of Peuran polku trail. The stopping point with its shelter and fireplace is surrounded by old forest and historical rock formations made by people before our time. On the path to Vähä-Valvatti, you can admire the pretty swamp views and forests. Vähä-Valvatti area is a good spot for mushroom and berry picking, and you might even see some wildlife on your trip.

In Vähä-Valvatti there is a shelter and an outdoor fireplace for cooking as well as a table for eating. The firewood can be found in the shed and you can spend your evening by the warm fire, looking at the gorgeous scenery.


Vähä-Valvatti is reachable through Konttikoskentie. Follow the instructions by the road that says “Karhunpiilo” and once there is only 2km left to Karhunpiilo, turn to right from the intersection. The left road continues to Karhunpiilo and by following the right until the end, you will reach the a parking spot where you can leave your car while visiting Vähä-Valvatti. Underneath you can see the starting point of the trail and the location of the Vähä-Valvatti shelter.

Vähä-Valvatin pitkokset