Services in Lestijärvi



Sale Lestijärvi is located in the town centre of Lestijärvi.

Opening hours


Monday-Friday 8.00-21.00

Saturday 9.00-18.00

Sunday 12.00-18.00


Monday-Friday 8.00–21.00

Saturday 9.00–18.00

Sunday 12.00–16.00


Paulanka makes her timeless products in a one woman shop in Lestijärvi from flax and wool. Her collection includes jewellery, clothing and accessories. The products come in all the colours of the rainbow, so everyone can choose their favourites. The clothes and accessories come in one size and therefore are suited for almost all body types. Take a peek at the products in Paulanka´s website or book a time and visit the shop in Lestintie 28.

Contact information

Phone 040 59 35 660



Helluntaiseurakunta second hand shop

From Helluntaiseurakunta second hand shop, you can make amazing discoveries for cheap! Recycling is the hottest fashion so come and see what you can find. The shop is open on Saturdays 10.00-13.00. The entrance to the second hand store is in the back of the building and can be recognized from the open door. Welcome!


Location: Lestintie 37

Second hand and craft shop

This second hand craft shop sells both new and recycled clothes, crafts, fabrics, jewellery and much more! In addition it is connected and in the same building as the Pullapuoti which sells the best sweet buns in town. The second hand and craft store is open Thursdays and Saturdays 11.00-13.00.

Contact information

Phone: 040 5935660

Social media: Facebook


Lestijärvi library

From the library you can borrow books for the darkening nights of winter or for beach reading. The library has also rental equipment for sports and games. Try out the Finnish outdoor game called Mölkky or spend the day by the lake sup-boarding. Remember to book the equipment beforehand to make sure they are available when you need them.

Contact information

Phone: +358446504237


Website: Lestijärvi library

Opening hours

Monday 12-18

Tuesday 10-16

Wednesday CLOSED

Thursday 13-19

Friday 10-15

Public holidays 10-14

Bank Osuuspankki

Address: Lestintie 41

Open on Thursdays 10.00–15.00

Liquor store Alko

The nearest stores from Lestijärvi are:

Nearest ATM´s

ATM Reisjärvi

ATM Kinnula

Gas station

Address: Halsuantie 8

Phone: +358 400 561 787


Millespakka Oy

Open on Fridays all year round from 15.00-18.00

Phone: +358 442 844 183

Address: Sikosaarentie

Health and beauty


Address: Lestintie 41

Opening hours

Monday-Tuesday 9.00-16.30

Wednesday CLOSED

Thursday-Friday 9.00-16.30


Parturi-Kampaamo Tytti – Hair saloon

Parturi-Kampaamo Tytti is open by request from Monday to Friday.

Contact information

Phone: +358401581779


Kuntonäppi – physiotherapy

Kuntonäppi offers full physiotherapy, guiding and support services to help you in your every day needs. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation services are based on individual needs of the client, wellbeing and strong competency.

Contact information

Phone: +358503599414



Hieronta-Sisko – massage

Massage services provided by a trained masseur. You can also book lymph treatments or Indian head massage.

Contact information

Phone: +358451149763

Address: Sinsillakuja 4


Noora Nyberg

Bonesetting 70€/hour

Craniosacral therapy 50€/hour including alv 24%

Contact information

Phone: +358405932379

Ville-Veikko Koskela massage

Massage services in Lestijärvi and Toholampi. Home calls also possible with a transportable massage table. You can also book gym instructor services.

Contact information

Phone: +358445864442



Gym and outdoor gym

The gym is located 3 kilometres from the town centre. The gym can be booked free of charge from the municipality. In addition to the gym, there is an outdoor gym by the beach in the town centre.


Addess gym: Halsuantie 13

Address outdoor gym: Lestinrantatie 1

Lestijärvi healthcare center

Address: Niemeläntie 3 A

Phone: +358408042000

Contact hours
Moday-Friday 8.00-16.00